13 Killer Value Add-On's for your Membership Site - Ignite Your Marketing
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13 Killer Value Add-On’s for your Membership Site

Are you struggling to figure out what type of content you can have in your membership site?  One of the amazing things about creating a membership site is that you have the ability to create so much value for your members and can include multiple different types of content or value add-ons to create the best membership experience for your members.  


One key thing to remember is your membership site, course, group or program is a VALUE EXCHANGE.


As long as you deliver killer value to your members in the form of content, resources and tools they will continue to invest in your product.  


So what type of little gems can you pack into your membership site to create the most value for your growing tribe?  Here is a short list to get your creative juices flowing…


#1 Cheat-sheets:  Cheat-sheets are a great way to add value to your membership site.  They are quick easy to use resources that can pack a powerful punch.  These can also be in the form of checklists which can help people to take quick immediate action to help create quick wins for your members.


#2 Workbooks & Action Plans: By providing workbooks & actions plans for your members you are increasing the chances that they will be able to achieve the goal or result that drove them to you in the first place.  More likely than not someone is going to join your membership site, group, course or program to solve a problem.  These tools are a great way to help get them to their desired end result.


#3 Live Calls & Webinars:  These can be in the form of a weekly, monthly or one off live call or webinar with you. Many people call them Q & A sessions or office hours.  You can have people submit questions beforehand, ask questions live or have a pre-defined meaning for the call.   You can also do these in the form of live (weekly or monthly) coaching sessions as well.


#4 Community:  Now this can be in several different forms.  You can have a private or public community integrated with your membership.  You can host it on platforms like Facebook or hosted in your membership site with plugins and additional supporting technology (depending on the platform you are using).  Most people tend to gravitate towards Facebook Groups because they are quick and easy to setup and manage.


#5 Downloads:  Downloads can also be a great way to pack a punch on the value meter.  These can be just about anything you can think of.  You can offer downloads to additional resources such as books, tools or swipe files.  Depending on your site and what you are offering the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to what you can offer as a download to your members.


#6 Guest Experts: This is another great way to add value to your membership site.  Have you cultivated some killer relationships with other experts that also serve your niche?  Invite them to to a quest training, webinar or interview.   These are great in that they offer additional value to your niche especially in an area where maybe you don’t have the expertise in. You are able to increase your knowledge on given topics with the help of other experts.


#7 Courses: Online courses are probably one of the most common types of content you’ll find in a membership site in today’s day and age.  If you are teaching one or more topics with a specific start and end point, as well as define outcomes and objectives.  Then structuring this into a course will serve your members well.  You can offer short power courses or longer courses that can span weeks to complete.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to structuring these out.  You can also offer multiple course options to your members if you so wish.


#8 Mastermind: Another great way to add value is to offer mastermind sessions.  These can be live and in person or done over the internet.  They can also be one-on-one or group masterminds.  You can use the mastermind as an add-on (upsell) or included in your membership site. Masterminds tend to be a higher level training and networking above and beyond what you are currently offering.


#9 Content Archives:  If you have the type of site that you are putting out live content on a frequent basis you can use that and build out an archive for members to get access to.  The downside of offering the live calls, webinars and training is you need to be live to get it.  Offering the ability to go back and consume the content is a great added bonus to members.  Another great way of offering this is if you have been putting out content for some time, a new member joining would have access to past training that they missed because they were not a member at the time.  


#10 Challenges:  Having member only challenges are a great way to give quick wins to your members.  These are normally short 1-2 week daily actions that they take to get a quick win with a problem they are struggling with.  These are also great to build community and support between your members within your community.


#11 Member Perks: Member perks is a great way to create the perception of added value.  You can do this in the form of offering member exclusive discounts, perks and offers.  This works well when you can save your members on software, services or products that they need for their business by them joining your membership site.  If you can offer member exclusive discounts, perks and offers you can directly put an indisputable dollar value on what’s inside your membership in addition to the awesome value that is already there.


#12 Member Only News: If you are in a niche that is ever changing keeping up on the new updates around specific software and tools is going to be vital to your members.  By just helping them to keep “in the know” on changes that may affect them or updates that are coming will help them to stay at the top of their game.  A great example of this would be if you are offering training around Facebook ads. If you do anytime of advertising on Facebook you know that their guidelines, rules and regulations are ALWAYS changing.  If you can stay on top of the changes and let your members know as they come out you are creating immense value to your members.


#13 Stand Alone Content:  Not every piece of content you come out with has to be a full-blown course or live training.  If you have knowledge that you can put into bite-sized pieces this can be very valuable.  These can be in the form of articles, white papers, how-to’s, mini-courses and tutorials.  These can also be used as supplemental content for larger courses or programs.  Some great examples of this could be work out routines, recipes, instructional how-to’s, business exercises, audio meditations and so on.


The most successful membership sites are a compilation of value add-ons that are used to create one powerhouse of a membership site.  By piecing together the best type of content for your members you are able to create a valuable tool for your niche.


The key is to focus on the problems you are solving and figure out what would be the best tools, resources and training that you can offer them to get a desired result or action.


If you are looking to “FAST TRACK” your membership site, course or program and have it all done for you by an expert feel free to book a call with me to see how I can help you get your membership site, program or course off the ground or plug the holes you have in your programs.