Don't be a used car salesman when it comes to your marketing - Ignite Your Marketing
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Don’t be a used car salesman when it comes to your marketing

I (like most business owners) would rather ruin a perfectly good manicure by plucking out my eyeballs than pick up the phone and sell my services to a complete stranger…eeekkk!

But unfortunately, if you want to stay in business for any period of time you must sell at some point.  

But what most marketers and business owners don’t realize is there is a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE between marketing & selling. 

Being an amazing salesperson doesn’t mean you’re a great marketer.

As well as the other side where being an amazing marketer doesn’t mean you are a great salesperson.

Most of the top marketers that dominate the industry today are usually excellent marketers …but are not phenomenal salespeople.

For me personally, I just don’t like hardcore selling. I don’t like the way it makes me feel and I don’t like when it is done to me.

So, what’s the difference between marketing and selling when they’re both done right?


When it comes to selling it should ONLY be about the product, the service or the company.  It should be all about the product or services features, benefits, and advantages.  It should be all about the offer, the risk reversal, the guarantee, the premium, the bonuses, the price, and the terms. 

It’s everything to do with the product or service, the company providing the product or service, or the offer/deal.

Now, when it comes to marketing it is really all about the prospect. It should be all about the prospect’s specific needs, wants and desires.  

The prospect’s situation, the prospect’s choices, the prospect’s obstacles or desires, their fears, their emotions, and their feelings. 


“The job of marketing is to make selling superfluous.
It’s to make selling unnecessary.” –
Peter Drucker


You’ve got to realize that there is a distinct difference between those two activities and one should not confuse the two or think of them as one in the same.

The reality is that the better you are at the marketing portion, the easier the sales portion becomes. 

When it comes to your marketing funnels 75% of your funnel should be about marketing and 25% should be selling.

When you are marketing the right way using what we call education-based marketing content (EBM) you’re able to deliver real value to your prospect.

Not only are you able to deliver value but you are also able to educate them in a way that establishes certain beliefs, shaping their frame of mind and changing their perspective about their specific situation, wants and/or needs.   

When done correctly you are able to educate your prospects in a way that increases their desire for your specific product or service even before you offer it. This is what makes your sales go a smooth as sipping lemonade on a hot summer day.  

You don’t have to do a hard pitch, you don’t have to feel slimy and sleazy with a hard close and you don’t really have to rely on scarcity or urgency or any other high-pressure sales tactics.  

That type of marketing can leave you feeling like a used car salesman!

Not that there isn’t any value in using those tactics, but when you craft your marketing the right way, when you’re truly doing marketing and doing it well, you don’t have to rely on those tactics to turn your prospects into eager and willing paying clients who are salivating at the chance to buy from you.

Wouldn’t it be ah-mazing if you knew just how to get your prospects lining up and fighting at the first chance to purchase your offer before you have even presented it?

Trust me there is something truly magical when you are able to create a winning, multi-million dollar marketing funnel for your clients.  You only need ONE high-converting funnel to completely change your financial picture and life forever.

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