3 SEO Mistakes every business owner is making... - Ignite Your Marketing
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3 SEO Mistakes every business owner is making…

As a business owner, you have limited time when it comes to demystifying effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO), from the different jargon that is used when referring to SEO to all of the rules, updates and new algorithms that roll out just as you get one concept down. Technology advances so quickly which forces you as a business owner to keep up with the changes.

Here is just a sample of some common misconceptions that most people and brands have when it comes to effective SEO for their business.

1. SEO is immediate and the results happen overnight.
When launching a brand new website or working on an old one, it is quite a common misconception that one’s SEO efforts will take effect immediately. The age of the site does get taken into account but SEO is not an overnight solution when it comes to marketing.

Expect for your SEO efforts to take a few months to start gaining traction. Having solid SEO tactics and practices in place will help to create a solid foundation for any business.


2. Confusing PPC (Pay Per Click) with SEO.
Google has made the ‘ad’ sign less prominent these days so it’s easy for users to think that the PPC ad that they are clicking on is the first organic search result that comes up. It is therefore recommended that a brand bids on their brand term in order to avoid competitors leveraging the user’s wrong assumption.

PPC is not SEO… PPC (Pay Per Click) is paid traffic. SEO (Search Marketing) is organic (non-paid) traffic.


3. Ignoring social elements when it comes to your marketing.
Social elements play a factor that can increase your ranking, so make sure that you have a social presence, share your articles through your social channels and gain references from social accounts that have good reputations.