6 Tips to Making your New Members & Clients Feel Warm and Welcomed - Ignite Your Marketing
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6 Tips to Making your New Members & Clients Feel Warm and Welcomed

What happens in the time immediately following a new member joining your membership site, course or program are often what will determine how successful your membership site, course or group will be.  

Onboarding is an area that is often missed when it comes to memberships, because as online business owners we are primarily focused solely on getting the sale we don’t always focus on or put too much effort into what comes after that sale is made.

In this post I will discuss the importance of giving new members a warm welcome, how to make them feel valued as a member and happy with their purchase. The key here is to ensure that they feel part of your community from day one.


1. Instant Access.

First and foremost you want to give your members or clients instant access to whatever it is they have purchased or signed up for.  You need to make sure that they get instant access to their login details (if they have purchased a course, program or membership site).  

You need to have  the systems in place to automate this as much as possible.  Allot of this can be done with the correct integrations between your shopping cart, site and your CRM.

 2. Getting Started.

The next thing you want to make sure you have is a getting started page, guide, video or email (or any combination of these) that gives them the “getting started” or “first step” details they need to get the most out of your site, course or program.

This could be:

  • Introducing themselves in a forum
  • Requesting access to a private Facebook Group
  • Setting up their profile
  • Filling in some additional information about themselves


Getting your members and clients off on the right path to success should be a vital key of your on-boarding process.


3. On-boarding email sequence.

Now, you don’t want to bombard your new members or clients with “too much” information all at once.  You will want to have an automation set up in your CRM that drip feeds additional important information to your new members or clients over a period of 1-3 weeks.

Day 1 should be all about getting them started in the site. Maybe directing them to the community for your program or site.  You could also direct them to a piece of content that will get them a quick win or is a great resource for them to start with.


After about 3-4 days you will want to send another email that gives them some information about your live training sessions or a monthly q&a that you offer.

Another 2-3 days later you can send another email with direct access to a recording of a training or live event that you did that really helped your clients get their desired end results or something you did that you had great feedback on.

It is important to have this system automatically set up to make them feel supported during their transition to being a member of your community, group or course.  Again, you don’t want to bombard them with useless information and overwhelm them. You want to make sure that the content you are sending them is of value to them and will really get them started on the right track.


4. Give them a tour.

This could be a tour of the back-end of your group, community, course or site.  Where you walk them step by step through each section or each important section that they may need.  

You would be surprised how often someone cancels a membership because they simply didn’t know how to access the content they purchased.  Having a tour or walk through video on your welcome page will really give them a leg up when it comes to being able to navigate your content.


5. Make them feel welcome!

Another must have is a welcome video.  You want to create a personalized video to your member with you welcoming them to your site, course or group. Just give them a simple thank you for joining/purchasing, we are glad you are here.  Give them the information on how to reach you or your support team if they need additional support with anything.  

If you have a smaller membership site, group or course or if you have the ability to create a personal video for each person that joins your group, course or site is a great way to really make them feel like a VIP.  Now, depending on how many members or clients you have this may not be feasible but is definitely a nice touch.

This works great for a small exclusive group. This is a great way to make them feel valued and appreciated.


6. Send them a welcome gift.

If you have the means to do it you can send each new member of your site, group, program or course a “special welcome gift”.  This doesn’t have to be something big. It can be something small like a notebook and pen with a handwritten note.  If you can find something that will really go along with your site, course, group or program then this could really go along way at making your members feel welcome.


These 6 tips are essential to ensuring that you have an on-boarding process that is welcoming and makes your new members and clients feel like a VIP in your site, group or community. If your new member client on-boarding system is lacking or non-existent book a FREE Ignite Your Marketing Strategy Session today to see how we can create the strategy and system for you!